About the collector

This website displays many of the objects that I have collected and curated over a number of years. My name is Bill Mayblin, I am a graphic designer and it is my interest in visual culture and how it encapsulates ideas and beliefs that was the starting point for this collection.

I studied at the Royal College of Art in London in the 1970s and I was a founding partner of the London-based design group Information Design Workshop, through which I worked as a graphic designer for over thirty years. I am now retired and continue to live in London where collecting, researching and writing occupies much of my time.

It’s a strange collection as you can see, a mixture of objects which in themselves are often quite commonplace. They are not particularly rare or valuable. Some are found in souvenir or museum shops around the world, but most of them come from charity shops, car boot sales or flea markets and I'm grateful to friends and family who have contributed many items. By looking at these objects closely and thinking about them in some depth they can tell us a great deal. I find them fascinating and thought-provoking. The collection is a resource, a starting point, a series of questions and thoughts. I hope you find it of interest too.

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